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Health and Car Insurance In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, navigating the world of insurance can seem daunting, especially for newcomers or those unfamiliar with the specific landscape. This article aims to demystify health and car insurance in the Kingdom, providing a comprehensive overview of the system, key players, coverage options, and important considerations.

Health Insurance:


The Saudi healthcare system operates under a dual system, combining public and private healthcare providers. Health insurance is mandatory for all expatriates working in the Kingdom and their dependents, while Saudi nationals have access to free public healthcare through the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH). However, many Saudis opt for supplemental private health insurance for more comprehensive coverage and access to specialized care.

Types of Health Insurance:


    • Comprehensive Plans: These plans offer the most extensive coverage, including inpatient and outpatient care, surgery, maternity care, dental care, and vision care.

    • Limited Plans: These plans offer basic coverage for hospitalization, emergency care, and specific medical conditions.

  • Specialist Plans: These plans cover specific needs, such as maternity care, dental care, or critical illness.

Key Players:


    • Cooperative Health Insurance Societies (CHIS): These non-profit entities offer health insurance plans mainly to Saudis and their dependents. Some prominent CHIS companies include Bupa Arabia, Najm Cooperative Insurance, and Al-Ahli Takaful Company.

    • Commercial Insurance Companies: These companies offer a wider range of plans catering to both expats and Saudis. Examples include AXA Cooperative Insurance, MetLife Saudi Arabia, and The National Company for Cooperative Insurance (NCC).

Coverage Considerations:


    • Network Hospitals: Choose a plan with a network of hospitals and clinics convenient to your location.

    • Deductibles and Co-payments: Understand the amount you need to pay before coverage kicks in and the portion you share for covered services.

    • Exclusions: Be aware of any medical conditions or services not covered by the plan.

    • Pre-existing Conditions: Some plans may have limitations on coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Car Insurance:


Car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles registered in Saudi Arabia. Two main types of coverage are available: Third-party Liability (TPL) and Comprehensive.


    • Third-party Liability (TPL): This is the minimum legal requirement and covers any damage caused to other vehicles or property in an accident. It does not cover damage to your own vehicle or injuries sustained by you or your passengers.

    • Comprehensive: This type of insurance provides broader coverage, including damage to your own vehicle, medical expenses for you and your passengers, and personal accident coverage.

Key Players:


    • Local Insurance Companies: Several large Saudi insurance companies dominate the market, such as Al Rajhi Takaful, Gulf Insurance Group (GIG), and Tawuniya.

    • International Insurance Companies: Some international companies also offer car insurance in Saudi Arabia, such as AXA and Allianz.

Coverage Considerations:


    • Type of Vehicle: Premiums vary depending on the make, model, and year of your car.

    • Driver Profile: Age, driving experience, and claims history can affect your premium.

    • Coverage Level: Decide between TPL and Comprehensive based on your risk tolerance and budget.

    • Add-ons: Consider optional add-ons like roadside assistance, personal accident coverage, and windshield repair.

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